Motivating Your Employees to Start Recycling


With the negative effects of pollution becoming blatant, more and more people are realising the need for recycling. Local governments have even started providing waste management facilities among other eco-friendly initiatives. However, private companies are lagging behind when it comes to going green. Sure, you might offer a desk wheelie bin for each of your employees but do they know what they’re for?

This article provides you with some tips on how you can encourage your staff to do more when it comes to protecting the planet.

Educate Them

Perhaps the reason why people don’t recycle is that they don’t understand how important it is. Encourage awareness by printing out materials on corflute recycling and related topics. You can place these in key areas such as the pantry, meeting rooms, and even beside trash cans. Once they realise the value of going green, they’ll be more likely to take it seriously.

Be Creative

Make it convenient for your employees to recycle by providing a desk wheelie bin for their paper waste. Then, have them decorate their bin with any of the materials they’re throwing into it. Another idea is to have colour-coded bins for each department or team that they should use to show off their creativity. It helps Mother Nature and eases stress at the same time. Learn more at EcoBin

Make It Competitive

Is your organisation full Environmentalof competitive individuals? Maybe you could install basketball hoops over recycle bins for schools and offices so they can toss stuff in like their favourite athlete. You could also place a weighing scale in your recycling area where they can take turns to measure who is contributing the most without wasting resources. Offer prizes for the winners like gift cards.

Switch to Biodegradable

It could be that your facility isn’t using anything that is biodegradable in the first place, which is why people aren’t recycling. You should make the swap as soon as possible. Not only will it cut back the amount that is going to landfill but it will also boost your reputation with your customers and partners. It’s actually not that hard to find greener alternatives to the materials you’re using now.

Teach Cleaners

Your employees might already be educated about paper recycling bins for schools and offices but how about your cleaning staff? If they’re tidying up your facility on a regular basis, they could just be emptying your shredders and dumping normal rubbish in the same place. Don’t waste the efforts of your regular staff because of the ignorance of your cleaners by educating them too.

Motivating your people to save the planet doesn’t take a lot of effort, to be honest. The above tips are definitely doable if you would just take the time to do them.

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Top Tips for Solar Panel Cleaning

Top Tips for Solar Panel Cleaning

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Solar panels are important instruments for tapping the solar energy for use in various activities. After installation by experts, the panels remain in place, exposed to outdoor elements such as dirt and debris. To ensure their efficiency and durability, it is advisable to observe proper maintenance on solar panels. In the Gold Coast, you can consult a certified company for Gold Coast solar repairs.

gold coast solar repairs

The following are important tips to follow in order to give your solar panel a longer life with improved efficiency.

Keep out of shade

By keeping the panels in the shade, you prevent them from absorbing sunlight and converting it to solar energy. If you want the panel to serve its intended purpose, ensure it is in the right place to absorb sunlight.

Check the inverter green light

The absence of green light can be a sign of a problem in the panel. In that situation, you can consult experts for solar repairs for a detailed search. You can seek help from reliable Gold Coast solar repairs experts.

Monitor the performance

You can track the amount of energy your panel produces daily by recording its performance. Pay attention to the production level during cloudy days. The results may not be the same every day. You can find a good machine for monitoring the performance from the Solaplumb manufacturer. Besides, by monitoring the performance of your panel, you are able to see how much you benefit the environment.

Some solar panels come with automated cleaners, which operate like sprinklers. If your panel does not have them, you can arrange with companies for Gold Coast solar repairs. Solar panels do not have moving parts that can break down or become rusty, but engaging a reliable expert for solar repairs in Gold Coast is still an important step to take.

Solar panel cleaning tips

In Gold Coast, various companies are out to help consumers with solar repairs. If you notice anything strange with your panel, you can contact a reliable provider for cheap solar repairs Gold Coast area currently has to offer. To find solar repairs Gold Coast area has to offer, try visiting relevant websites such as http://solaplumb.com.au/.

The following tips are essential when it comes to cleaning the panels.

Ensure you have the cleaning kit: a complete cleaning kit contains a biodegradable soap, a brush, and a wiper. Mix the soap with water in a bucket, according to the instructions on the package. Use the brush to wipe the panels gently. If there is grime or dirt on the panels, use plain water and a soft brush to remove.

Remember not to use anything abrasive, as they can easily scratch the glass. With the mixture of biodegradable soap, just use a soft brush or rag to clean the panels.

Avoid harsh materials: solar panels are costly to repair. With cleaning materials that contain chemicals, you are likely to cause damage to the panel. If you notice something that you cannot handle, it is advisable to consult an expert for Gold Coast solar repairs.